• The tooth may darken after root treatment, especially if the tooth has received a heavy blow resulting in some bleeding into the tissue.

  • More than 80% of root treatments are successful.

  • Surgical assistance may be needed to gain access into difficult canals.

  • Costs are high due to the degree of skill required and the length of time needed to carry out this treatment.

  • Front teeth usually have one canal whereas back teeth have two or more canals.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment involves removing the pulp (called the nerve) from within the tooth and then sealing the cavity. The pulp lies in the tooth centre within thin canals​ extending from the crown of the tooth through to the tip of the root.

Root canal treatment may be required when the tooth becomes painful, tender to bite on, is particularly sensitive to heat and cold, or may have an obvious large cavity, which extends into the nerve of the tooth,

Sometimes the pulp of the tooth will die without causing any noticeable pain but furthermore abcess and a cyste will be formed.

Under a dental anaesthetic, the remains of the nerves are cleaned thourally ​through a small hole of the tooth or through the existing cavity.​

Only state of art methodology and latest technology are used in Dr Douvara's Dental Practice.

Finally, a sealant is placed in the canal in the most accurate way. This appointment can be very often long.

The whole process usually takes three appointments although it depends on the severety of the case.

Upon completion of root canal treatment a final appropriate restoration of the tooth in needed and ​it is strongly reccomended that a crown shall be placed on the tooth. This is necessary because all root filled teeth become more fragile and brittle. You may choose a porcelain crown for your tooth. The crown fits around and protects the tooth like a ​shield.​​

A cheaper option would be silver (amalgam) or white (composite) filling, but these do not support your tooth and you may run the risk of tooth fracture in the future.

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