Practice Philosophy


Step into Dr Douvara'​s Dent​al​ Clinic and experience world-class affordable dentistry just 10min from the very heart of Athens. Our Dental practice has been designed with patient comfort as the MAIN priority so as to ensure that your dental experience is a pleasurable one. The ethos of our dentistry is Patient Centered.

​Our reputation for treating dental phobic patients from all over the world has been built on ​our truly ​caring approach to dentistry.

Dr Eva Douvara PhD​, the owner and principal of Excellence Dental Care by Dr Douvara is one of the leading highly qualified​ dentists in Greece with a PhD degree on Prosthetic Dentistry and Implants, a Diploma on Medical Acupuncture by I.C.M.A.R.T., a Diploma on Psychology / Psychotherapy by the WILHELM REICH INSTITUTE ​​and a Diploma on Homoeopathic Medicine. If you are looking for a Scandinavian post graduated dentist practising in Athens, rest assured, you are in excellent hands.

This is our shared picture of what the aims, values and ethos of the practice are:

  • Our patients’ s experience from the moment they have any contact with us will be welcoming, smiling, relaxed, helpful and efficient.

  • We will provide a caring, professional, empathetic environment based on honesty, openness and trust.

  • ​We will treat our patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

  • We will respect, appreciate and value each other and in doing so instil confidence and satisfaction in our clientele.

  • We will provide ​Holistic dental care, where a personalised treatment plan is formulated individually to every patient’s consent for treatment with respect to the dental needs, attitude, perception and personality of each and every different patient.

  • We will apply ​Appropriate time management for fewer sessions utilised so that cost of treatment is minimised with maximum benefit to the patient’s budget​.

  • We embrace the belief that good communication, enthusiasm and a positive attitude allows us to develop rapport and be proactive in order to embrace any changes needed to move the practice forward.

  • As a dental practice we ensure that cleanliness, tidiness, hygiene and providing the best possible treatments to our patients are a priority and we also minimise the environmental impact of our business.

  • Ultimately we aim that the experience for all of us, customers and staff, is rewarding and successful.

Mission: We aim to deliver the best customer experience in a dental practice by exceeding our customers’ expectations.

For information on this subject please contact Dr Eva A. Douvara DMD PhD, owner and principle of the Dental Clinic Dr Douvaras.

Tel: +30 210 7224224 - Mob: +30 6932 486648