Treatment of Oncologic Patients

The Dental Management of Oncology Patients

Step into the Dental Office of Dr Douvara and make yourself feel absolutely safe. Dr Douvara PhD evaluates each Ca patient individually, within the context of personalized Medicine. She will record the general condition and the medications that he/she receives in collaboration with the patient's Oncologist. The appropriate dental treatment will be carefully selected as well as the necessary precautions for every particular case.

Dr Douvara treats periodontal diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis) and offers Oral Surgery Services for Ca patients who receive mTOR inhibitors, antiresorptive, antiangiogenics and several targeted medications. She follows management strategies for the prevention and treatment of osteonecrosis of the jaw, based on the most austere guidelines. She follows protocols of prevention and treatment of stomatitis in patients who need to receive targeted biological therapies.

Afterward, a Dental Prosthetic protocol can be applied for the amelioration of the Ca patient's Life Quality including the entire family's Quality of Life .

Dr Douvara pays personalized attention to the Psychological support of Ca patients, based on her knowledge and her vast experience regarding this delicate condition of Health.

For information on this subject please contact Dr Eva A. Douvara DMD PhD, owner and principle of the Dental Clinic Dr Douvaras.

Tel: +30 210 7224224 - Mob: +30 6932 486648

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