Preventing Dental Caries

Preventing dental caries Pit and fissure sealants has been described as a material placed into the pits and fissures of caries-susceptible teeth that micromechanically bonds to the tooth preventing access by cariogenic bacteria to their source of nutrients. Fluoride application Systemically-administered fluoride supplements Fluoride supplements should be considered for all children drinking fluoride-deficient (<0.6 ppm) water. After determining the fluoride level of the water supply or supplies (either through contacting public health officials or water analysis), evaluating other dietary sources of fluoride, and assessing the child’s caries risk, the daily fluoride supplement dosage can be determined using the Dietary Fluoride Supplementation Schedule. Professionally-applied topical fluoride treatment Professional topical fluoride treatments should be based on caries-risk assessment. A pumice prophylaxis is not an essential prerequisite to this treatment. Appropriate precautionary measures should be taken to prevent swallowing of any professionallyapplied topical fluoride.

Children at moderate caries risk should receive a professional fluoride treatment at least every 6 months; those with high caries risk should receive greater frequency of professional fluoride applications (ie, every 3-6 months). Ideally, this would occur as part of a comprehensive preventive program in a dental home.

Fluoride-containing products for home use Therapeutic use of fluoride for children should focus on regimens that maximize topical contact, preferably in lower-dose, higher-frequency approaches. Fluoridated toothpaste should be used twice daily as a primary preventive procedure. Twice daily use has benefits greater than once daily brushing.

Additional at-home topical fluoride regimens utilizing increased concentrations of fluoride should be considered for children at high risk for caries.These may include overthe-counter or prescription strength formulations. Fluoride mouth rinses or brush-on gels may be incorporated into a caries-prevention program for a school-aged child at high risk.

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