Homoeopathic Medicine and Dentistry

Homo​eopath​i​c Medicine ​involves treatments using extra​ highly diluted solutions of plants ( Arnica Montana, Calendula, Belladona, Ignatia Amara etc ) ,metals ( Aurum etc ) and other absolutely natural components​, with the aim of triggering and enhancing the body’s Immune System.

The principle of treatment is based on “Similar cures Similar”. This basically means that if any substance in any doses cause illness, the very same substance in extremely light (diluted) form can illicit a Serious ​Immune Response.

Homo​eopathic medicines (remedies) are prepared by special​ized​ pharmacies through a very precise process of succession and dilution.

Although the principle of “​Similar cures Similar” has been around as part of the treatment process since Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC), the current Homo​eopathic form of treatment was introduced by Samuel Hahnemann approximately 200 yrs ago. (Homoeopathic Medicine, MATERIA MEDICA by Dr Kent).​

Homoeopath​ic Medicine is based on two important ​principles. The first one “Similar cures similar” is discussed already.

The next one is dilutions or law of minimum, even almost non existant ​ dose. While preparing the dilutions, the solution is vigorously shaken. This is known as potentization. By the end of the process, there is too little or no substance left within the dilution. The whole process creates an active component that kick starts the body’s natural healing powerσ, namely the so called Immune System.

Homoeopathic Doctors treat their patients based on Personal and Family Genetic Medical History as well as on Emotional,​ Physical, Mental symptomatology and Body type of each and every patient​. This means that the treatments is absolutely tailor made to suit an individual. This entire Methodology essentially is the way forward in the field of Medicine.

Αt Dr Douvara's PhD​ Dental Clinic you will find a world wide known ​Greek , ​USA & Norway postgraduate Dental Surgeon holding a PhD Degree in Prosthetic Dentistry ​(Athens University and Bergen University - Norway​) ​in addition with specializations in Periodontics and Implants (​New York College of Dentistry - USA)​, Paediatric Dentistry (Athens University and New York College of Dentistry USA)​, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Uni. Department​ of Evangelismos Hospital Athens - Greece, ​Dental Ongology (Australia), International Diploma on Medical Acupuncture by I.C.M.A.R.T. and still specializing in Medical Psychology at the KAROLINSKA INSTIRUTET - Sweden.

​The doctor is also trained in Psychosomatic ​​Medicine and she is a Wilhelm Reich Institute psychologist - therapist graduate.

​Step into Dr Douvara s PhD state of the art Holistic Dental Care and relax. You are safe in very good hands. Expect your Dental Treatment and your Overall Health experience to be surprisingly positive.

Our is based on our commitment for carefully treating our patients ​through tailor-made, personalized​ treatments while we use of our cutting edge technology and our vast experience on so many Scientific fields.

Alternative medicine has been looked at with very suspicious eyes for many years and it is still so in Greece. As a matter of a fact it is/was called Magic!​It is common sense and science.

The usual Medical Protocols are basically symptomatic treatments (Medications, Surgery, Chemotherapy etc) ​of the Human Unbalanced System .Apparently, these basically symptomatic​ ​treatments​ are definitely opposed to the Original Principles of the Medical Science ​that has an undoubtable Focus on the Treatment of the Actual causes ​of every Disease = the loss of Systemic Balance.

We would never suggest that you should not act according to your Doctors orders. But, We offer you the opportunity of helping your doctors and become a Healthy person as a Whole.


​Holistic medicine at its core, tries to cure / treat the Disease and the deepest causes of each and every Dirorder of the Overall ​Health and not just symptoms without searche and knowledge of the original cause.​

Dr Eva Douvara PhD HOLISTIC DENTAL CARE ​and her entire Team are commited to offer you the very best of an ​ unforgetable Dental Care experience based on the principles of the Overall Health and the roots of every Oral Disease​ with an in depth knowledge and extra​ care for Cardiovascular and Oncologic patients including the necessary Psychological Support for her patients​.​

For information on this subject please contact Dr Eva A. Douvara DMD PhD, owner and principle of the Dental Clinic Dr Douvaras.

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