The team of Dr Douvaras Dental Clinic is committed to the values of volunteering for providing Dental Health for everyone.

Dr Eva Douvaras herself is an UN volunteer Doctor with extensive experience.

Our Dental Clinic has developed programmed visits to schools, charities and orphanages.

During these visits our Oral Health professionals explain the fundamentals of practicing dental care with the use of a variety of teaching means.

Donations are offered to the children in the form of complete oral hygiene kits including toothbrushes and toothpastes and free Check Up appointments at our Dental Clinic.

Free Basic Dental Care is offered to poor families and to their children.

Clinical examinations and fluoride treatments are also conducted to determine the dental health index of the above children and if necessary of their entire families to promote demographic oral health.

Our main objective is to familiarize children as well adults with the Overall Dental Care and Oral Health Prevention.

Ethical treatment and support of stray animals and protection of our environment.

For information on this subject please contact Dr Eva A. Douvara DMD PhD, owner and principle of the Dental Clinic Dr Douvaras.

Tel: +30 210 7224224 - Mob: +30 6932 486648